I recently had a discussion with a health professional about my diet. I’ll spare you the details, but basically, I was told that I am more of a man than I should be!

When asked about what I like to eat, I said, “I’m Irish. I like meat and potatoes.” I looked down at the ground and waited for the boom … I just knew that baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, hash brown potatoes, and even French fried potatoes were surely about to get yanked of my end of the table. But there is a God! What I heard was, “Well you can’t take potatoes away from an Irishman … we’ll just have to cut something else!”

Hallelujah! Angels sang right there in that office. Stars aligned in their proper constellations. You can’t separate me and potatoes, it would be untrue to who I am!

I know this is the missions edition of the Tribune. I’m not crazy. Truth is, to biblical Christians, missions is as essential as potatoes are to my Irish palate. It goes with every meal. The lost are still out there. God is still unwilling for them to perish. You just cannot reflect the heart of the God of the Bible if missions isn’t at the core of your spiritual diet.

Here in Boston, I get to look at future missionaries, both home and foreign, every single day. We are training them to go. As a Fellowship we must just keep on sending. It’s our staple, personally and specifically ordered by the Lord Himself. It is and must always be “essential,” no matter what.

So, if you are like me, keep the potatoes coming. And when your appetite exults in the joy of spuds, be reminded what must always be in the diet of the church. Eat up.

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