A letter from an NCPO alumnus

by Wayne Guinn

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your hard work and valu­able input at the recent church planting school in Medina. Our host church, Pastor Mark Milioni, and all the presenters did a great job!

I walked away inspired and grateful for what the Fellowship is doing to support and engage in the Great Commission. As an alum­nus of BBC Springfield and recent attendee at the NCPO school, I look forward to getting in the trenches with the Fellowship. You’re in my prayers and I look forward to building on our relationship

We’re excited just the same for what’s going on here in South Carolina with Journey Baptist Church. Since we started September 12, 2010, we are averaging in the 60s. Our tithes and offerings are steady and we’re beginning to get prospects to join the church. All this has happened within eight weeks.

This fruit is not being delivered at our doorstop at no expense. The fruit that we’re beginning to enjoy comes from the labor of our people. Journey has set out to reach every home in the community the old-fashioned way of door-to-door visitation. It has been a great way for the community to get acquainted with the pastor and it has been a great way for the pastor to get to know those who live in his neighbor­hood. As we go door to door, many have allowed us to pray for them at their front doors. Many have said, ‘This is the first time a Baptist preacher has ever come to my home.’ Still others have been presented with the gospel. So far we have led two to Christ. Most recently, an atheist was reading the Roman’s Road from our Bible when we were interrupted by her neighbor who had an emergency. We’ve been try­ing to reach her since then, but so far she hasn’t been home. That’s okay, someday someone will finish where we left off.

Since starting, Journey has been involved in local festivals and events and has opened its doors to the community for special events. We had a family fun night where 60 showed up. We gained two fami­lies out of that event. Currently, our youth are on a camping trip. Sev­eral new families are taking part in that.

Journey meets in two storefronts. One building houses the sanctuary, the other building houses a nursery, children’s depart­ment, and a student center with a full commercial kitchen. We offer three weekly services and Sunday school for all ages. One unique ser­vice the church offers to our community is our tutoring service each Wednesday evening. It is a good fit for a church that is trying to meet the need for improving literacy.

Praying for you to reach them, love them, and to teach them. Do pray for us as we continue to search for the lost and care for the saints.”

Hector Rodriguez – Pastor, Journey Baptist Church, West Columbia, SC