The Divine Potter and the BBFI

by Linzy Slayden

The biblical background for the great hymn “Have Thine Own Way” is found in the message that came to Jeremiah the proph­et while he was visiting a pottery. God spoke to Jeremiah through the elements of nature and the events that were taking place in his nation.

Jeremiah was a reluctant young man when the call of God came to him with a revelation of the divine purpose for his life. After sev­eral excuses, He felt compelled to become a spokesman for God and to warn his people of the consequences of their sin.

Jeremiah preached the love of God, and the people turned a deaf ear to his message. he preached and appealed to their reason, but they refused to think logically. Jeremiah preached judgment and condemnation, and still the people continued to live lives of sin.

Jeremiah’s day was similar to our day in many respects. The people were guilty of idolatry while at the same time they were reg­ular in their attendance at temple worship. They were materialis­tic and lived as if this world was the totality of human existence. They were lovers of pleasure and were in countless pursuits of new excitement. Most of the people gave no serious thought to the con­dition of the nation, the circumstances of their own lives, or what the future held for them.

Jeremiah went to the potter’s house and saw him as he worked at his wheel. As Jeremiah gazed upon the scene, there dawned upon his mind several great truths that were of significance both for then and now.

Under the skillful hands of the potter the lump of clay could become a flowerpot, vase, birdhouse, serving dish, or any number of things. The potter’s plan, along with the pliability of the clay, deter­mined what the vessel was to become.

Jeremiah saw God as the divine Potter and Israel, His nation, as the clay. God used this experience at the potter’s house to help Jer­emiah understand that God had a purpose for nations. It was true with regard to ancient Israel, and it is true of our modern world. The divine Potter has a purpose for individuals and families that we reach our full potential for Him. It is the will of God that each of us be saved and live a consecrated life to the glory of God. The divine Potter has a purpose for churches. As Christ walked through the seven golden candlesticks (Revelation 1-3), even so He walks in the midst of churches today. I believe the divine Potter has a plan for the BBFI. My prayer is that we will work together under the Potter’s hand to become a vessel of beauty, honor, and usefulness. The mes­sage that Jeremiah learned when he visited the potter’s house was both comforting and challenging. We have a great future if we work together. Let’s cooperate completely with the leadership of the Holy Spirit and do something great for the Lord.