Missionary Care Offering

by Jon Konnerup

One has to admit, the world we live in is rapidly changing in many ways — not only economically and socially, but also spiritually. It seems as if we are approaching the way it was in the days of Noah — if we are not already there.

Given the fact the world is getting darker spiritually and the devil continues to deceive people, our missionaries are facing unique challenges and attacks. Dealing with evil deeds is not lessening or getting easier — quite the opposite is true.

As you know, the Missionary Care Offering (MCO) is designed to assist all our missionaries with issues they face around the world. It has been used to minister to missionaries robbed of their computers, equipment, and personal goods, enabled families facing difficulties to receive counseling, and assisted in many other ways. The MCO has allowed us to provide specialized security training to better equip our missionaries to handle various issues that have the potential to cause them harm or threaten their safety.

One hundred percent given to this offering goes to meet these missionary care needs. We hope to continue helping more missionaries attend the annual Missionary Reunion by underwriting a significant portion of the costs and further develop our program designed to help our missionary kids returning to and adjusting to life in the U.S.A. These funds will help encourage missionaries as they are ministered to in great times of need.

Through the MCO, you can have a direct impact in the personal lives of many of your missionaries. Would you consider helping with a one-time gift or perhaps a monthly investment designated specifically for missionary care this year? Your gift will enable the Mission Office to come alongside the sending churches to help their missionaries with special needs and circumstances.

We must continue praying God will protect our missionaries and the Holy Spirit will restrain the evil one from harming them. At the same time, we must be ready to assist and encourage them in the fight for lost souls as they share with them the need for salvation in Christ. The Lord is not yet finished with the world. He is continually at work in every nation and the Holy Spirit is working in and through our missionaries. Let’s do our best to keep them going strong — shining the light of Jesus Christ.

Every church is asked to invest in the Missionary Care Offering by going online to www.BBFIMissions.com or contact Associate Mission Director Steve Bender at SBender@bbfimissions.com. Individuals are encouraged to share their desire to be a part of this wonderful opportunity of helping missionaries in need of special care with their pastors.