BBFI Korea 2016

by Jon Konnerup

After two years of planning and prayer, God’s people, from all parts of the globe, came together in Seoul, Korea, to celebrate His work at the Global Fellowship Meeting of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International. 

Aided by interpreters, 13 international speakers shared how God blessed them and their churches as a result of missionaries being sent from BBFI churches in the United States. They not only encouraged us to do more for world missions, but also expressed their eternal gratefulness to missionaries for revealing the free gift of Jesus to them.

Excitement permeated the entire meeting as we saw the fruit of our labors over the past 65 years. Over 2,000 attendees from the many churches in the Korea BBF along with 500 people from countries outside of Korea attended the meeting. One Vietnamese pastor shared how he was led to the Lord, discipled and trained by a Cambodian missionary, who was discipled and trained by a Filipino missionary, who was discipled and trained by a missionary from the U.S.A.

I would like to thank Dr. Daniel Kim, pastor of BulKwangDong Bible Baptist Church, and his people for sacrificing their time and giving to help make this special occasion successful. Additional thanks goes to the preparatory committee of 15 Korean pastors and church leaders who were instrumental in organizing all the details from greeters to sound and video technicians. Their precise planning and efforts were evident by how seamlessly the services flowed and the care everyone received.

Missionaries and pastors from over 30 nations attended the 2016 BBFI Global Meeting in Korea. It was a joy to meet servants of God from Asian Baptist Clearinghouse, Korea BBF, Japan BBF, Brazil BBF, Philippines BBF and many other countries who have partnered with us by sending missionaries into nations from Asia to Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

The meeting’s theme was “Lift Up Your Eyes and Look!” Every message encouraged us to look to God for direction and power, commit ourselves to see the world as God sees it, and keep moving forward until Christ’s imminent return.

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