I am thankful. I want those to be my first words in print as the newly selected editor of the Baptist Bible Tribune. Not only because this is a Thanksgiving issue, but more fittingly because that is truly the way I feel. I am humbled and grateful for this incredible opportunity. [click to continue…]

by Mike Randall, Editors of the Baptist Bible Tribune (1995-2002)

The words thanks and thanksgiving appear 98 times in the Bible. Related words such as bless, praise, or glorify multiply the number into the hundreds. Over and over again, the believer is commanded to be thankful and to give thanks to God. [click to continue…]

by James O’Brien Combs, Editor of the Baptist Bible Tribune (1983-1995)

Psalm 103 is a great heartfelt expression of thanksgiving and praise. It is evoked by the Psalmist’s own experience, as evidenced by his use of the personal pronoun and by the grace and majesty of God Himself.

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by Keith Bassham, Editor of the Baptist Bible Tribune (2002-2015)

The beginning of the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount is one of the best-known and best-loved sections of the Bible. I think, though, the wide approval this text gets, especially from those outside Christianity, is because it is not understood perfectly. [click to continue…]

BBFI Fall Meeting Report

By Keith Bassham

Those who attended the Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting held September 14-16 at High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, MO, experienced elements of both the traditional and modern. The theme was Revitalize. [click to continue…]