by Tom Messer

Most of my ministry responsibilities have been in roles for which I had little or no previous experience. Right out of college I began my career in fulltime Christian work as a recruiter and basketball coach for a Christian college. [click to continue…]

by Tiffany Lyons


Whether you have a church of 200 or 2,000, your ministry’s impact can be directly related to your volunteer culture. Maintaining a steady flow of new volunteers is the first step in strengthening your volunteer base. [click to continue…]

by D. J. Mingo

People regularly describe me as a missionary counselor. To be sure, we offer biblical counseling to missionaries and national pastors. But when I say I prefer the term coaching, a disconnect often follows. [click to continue…]


By Jon Konnerup

In its early history, Spain was largely populated by the Iberians, Basques, and Celts. The peninsula later came under rule of the Roman Empire. During the early Middle Ages, it came under Germanic control. [click to continue…]

by Randy Harp

I will never forget my sixth-grade Little League baseball coach, but not for a good reason. That year, I missed making the travel all-star team by one vote. [click to continue…]