by David Stokes

“It is tempting to say that what we now call World War One was merely about military might meeting political folly. But I think the roots of the conflict lay in something more philosophical — even spiritual.” [click to continue…]

by Robert Pate
Pastor of Bible Community Baptist Church, Central City, IA

Who has not gazed at the ebony blackness of a night’s sky and marveled at the flickering lights upon its cosmic sea. I still remember going out when young and looking with a sense of wonder at the individual stars, the constellations, and the glowing moon. Some of that charm continues even to this day. [click to continue…]

by Keith Bassham

The United States Army thought they were going to enlist Arthur Carrell Weber. In his schoolboy-appearing cursive signature on the draft registration, the “o” appeared to be an “a.” Never mind, though. Subsequent documents settled for the initial “C,” and Arthur C. [click to continue…]

Faithful Servants

by Thomas Ray

Arthur Carson and Laura Harding both committed their lives to serve the Lord on the foreign mission field. [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

This July I mark, celebrate, and praise God for 40 years serving my church family. I have been privileged to shepherd the Armitage congregation in Chicago for a generation. [click to continue…]