Global Partners — February 2016

by James G. Smith

According to Rodney Stark in The Triumph of Christianity, “About 1.6 million Americans go abroad on short-term missions every year at their own expense.”

But what does that look like among the churches and missionaries of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International? [click to continue…]

Domestic mission trip options

by the Tribune

Although much of this magazine has focused on international mission trips, there are other options that do not require a passport. These trips can be equally impacting and life-changing. Two options are serving with a church plant and with the BBF Builders. [click to continue…]

Four resources for planning a mission trip include Time International, MANNA Worldwide, Champs Missions, and New Hope Initiative. Read their information and see if they can help you plan your next mission trip. [click to continue…]

by Kevin Carson

A. Social media provides opportunities to help or hurt both God’s work and God’s people. Because of personal safety issues and global location, some missionaries cannot engage supporting churches, friends, and pastors through social media. However, for those who can participate, the power of social media can benefit both the missionary and the congregant. [click to continue…]

by Doug Kutilek

The dominant perspective of English Baptists when Andrew Fuller was born in Wicken, England, in 1754 was that of “high Calvinism.” By a rigid application of “logic” founded on highly defective premises, those holding this view concluded that the “non-elect” had no warrant to embrace or believe the Gospel message (since, they had concluded, it was never intended for them by God). [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

Son of slaves, African American father, Cherokee mother, he read the Gospel of John 20 times before he was ten years old. At age 20, the testimony of Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. was, “all I could make and borrow was sacrificed to the demon of gambling which possessed me soul and body.” In that condition, he attended a Baptist revival meeting and was converted. [click to continue…]

A. v. Henderson, Eli Haju, and Wendell Correll were foundational in the beginning days of our Fellowship. They were each very different and will be remembered for different things, but there is no doubt each of them left a legacy. [click to continue…]