We asked BBFI missionaries a few questions about what Christmas is like where they serve. Their responses provide insight not only into what Christmas looks like around the world, but also the opportunities and struggles this season brings for our missionaries. [click to continue…]


by Patrick McClure

When I first met my wife nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t know many people who were adopted. Since then, just in our circle of friends, we have seen a rise in the number of adoptions. There are couples who have struggled with infertility, longing to give a loving home to a child. Other couples, living in foreign countries, have shown compassion for disabled children who likely would never be adopted in their culture. More recently, we have seen couples, with several children of their own, opening their homes to children from difficult situations. [click to continue…]

by Steve Van Winkle

I finished reading the handwritten, gilded script on the face of the paper:

November 24, 1983.

A few minutes earlier, I was making my way toward a house in the distance that sparked a memory, without being familiar in this neighborhood of two-dimensional houses where no one lived, lined with sidewalks no one strolled along, and streets that went nowhere — gray and dark gray were the only colors. [click to continue…]

by Randy Harp

Gift giving is one of the most popular traditions of Christmas. Retail sales are expected to exceed $650 billion this November and December — approximately $950 per person. That is a lot of gifts! But what makes a gift a good gift? [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

Horrific headlines roiled over Chicago like angry storm clouds this past summer. Murder numbers skyrocketing. Shootings being tallied literally by the minute. August was Chicago’s most violent month in 20 years. As I write this, on a Monday morning, the headline for the weekend is, “17 Killed and 41 Shot.” [click to continue…]