by Keith Bassham

When Paul wanted to rehearse some basic facts about the content of Christian belief in his first Corinthian letter (chapter 15), he used the word gospel. [click to continue…]

A Montana pastor reflects on the importance of church membership

by Steve Van Winkle
Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, Bozeman, MT

Dirt (you may remember him from my first article about how I learned the importance of local church) had bolted for flatter, more familiar territory, leaving me behind in Montana among people I hadn’t known more than a month. [click to continue…]

by Kevin Carson

Editor’s note: In February, the city of Springfield was shocked by the news of an abduction and then the murder of ten-year-old Hailey Owens. The community, far from paralyzed, however, moved quickly to express both their outrage at evil and their love for neighbor. Among those community leaders who helped shape thought and action was Kevin Carson, pastor of Sonrise Baptist in Ozark, MO, and Department Chair of Biblical Counseling at Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Springfield. This is a portion of his blog response ( 

There are some days like last night, February 18, and this morning, when I am reminded of what I hate most and love most.  [click to continue…]

by Norma Gillming


Room 101 in Boca Hospice by the Sea was serene, and the patient in the bed occasionally opened his eyes, and when he did, he smiled. I knew where he was going, and this was one time in 65 years I could not go with him. [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

It was New Year’s Eve. We were ready to break for the food portion of the evening. I had shared the gospel. I extended the invitation. I invited those who wanted a new life before the New Year to stay in their seats while others went to eat.  [click to continue…]