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There are approximately 150 churches that support the Baptist Bible Tribune on a monthly basis. For the long-term health and sustainability of our ministry, this number must be increased. Our goal is for 100 new churches to begin financially supporting the Tribune on a monthly basis in the coming year. Will your church be one of them? [click to continue…]

by Greg Burdine

The recent BBFI national meeting on Cape Cod provided a great opportunity to reflect on the early beginnings of our nation while visiting Plymouth Rock, the replica Mayflower ship, and Burial Hill. Those Pilgrims who landed on Cape Cod almost 400 years ago knew nothing of the affluent American lifestyle we enjoy today. [click to continue…]

by Rob Walker

In his work The Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England, 19th century author William Love documents how the Separatist Puritans viewed religious occasions as a time of solemn reflection and fasting. [click to continue…]

by Randy Harp

The BBFI fall meeting was held in the northeast for the second time in the past five years, this time on beautiful Cape Cod. Ben Feldott and Cape Cod Church went above and beyond expectations as a host church and did everything short of rolling out a red carpet. [click to continue…]

by Doug Kutilek

The mortal remains of Baptist pastor John Rippon (1751-1836) repose in Bunhill Fields cemetery, London, the burial site of many famous and faithful names in English Non-Conformity (non-Anglican Christians), some 120,000 souls, all told, interred between about 1650 and 1850. [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

“Bring drums, rattles, whistles, and noise makers of all types. Dress to shock and/or impress. Come in costumes and show your rage.” So trumpeted the handbill promoting what was being called a “Pro-Choice Rally” in front of Armitage Baptist Church [click to continue…]