by Rob Walker

Several years ago I was introduced to the fascinating symbolism of the Jewish Passover celebration. I knew the Exodus story, but I never thought about why God commanded the Israelites to celebrate the Passover “to all generations.” Why was this symbolic celebration so important to maintain? [click to continue…]

by David R. Stokes

As the conflict involving much of the world began to draw the United States to the brink of war in the summer of 1941, a 27-year-old preacher moved his family from California to the heart of the American Midwest, as he assumed his duties as the new pastor at High Street Fundamental Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. [click to continue…]

by Randy Harp

There is something special about a national meeting of the BBFI returning to Texas. For the third time in five years the mid-winter meeting was hosted in the Lone Star State. Central Baptist Church and Pastor Kim Beckham did an outstanding job of organizing and hosting a great meeting. The theme of the week was “Move” and most of those who attended would testify they experienced God move. [click to continue…]

by Kevin Carson

A. As the news broke that Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast includes the company’s first-ever portrayal of an openly gay character, many parents, although not necessarily surprised, responded with shock and anger. [click to continue…]

by Doug Kutilek

Jacob Gartenhaus (1896-1984) was born in Bukowsko, a small village in the far southeastern part of modern Poland, near the borders with Slovakia and Ukraine, though when he was born there, it was part of the immense but tottering Austrian-Hungarian Empire (which disappeared some 20 years later during World War I). [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

Chicago’s 2017 soaring body count is keeping pace with 2016’s bloody horror. This reminds me of my thoughts some years ago. [click to continue…]