by Kevin Carson

How would you describe your struggle with sin? An unexpected guest? A stalking enemy? A dangerous raging river? A constant threat? An unwanted intruder? An intense war? Sin relentlessly wreaks havoc in the world and in people. Sin blemishes. Sin distracts. Sin impoverishes. Sin steals. Sin breaks. Sin stains. Sin scars. Sin misdirects. Sin deceives. Sin distorts. Sin enslaves. [click to continue…]

by Phil Cunningham

I love comeback stories. A story of someone who was discouraged, depressed, and had given up hope, until God brought him back. In Acts 3, we read about a hopeless man in a hopeless situation. The man was crippled since birth and could not help himself. Yesterday he begged, tomorrow he would beg. There was little hope for his future. [click to continue…]

by Josie Cunningham

In 2006, the book of Job became my nighttime storybook. I held my ears and my heart close to the Word of God as He carried me through the most gut-wrenching experiences of my life. My husband’s confession of embezzlement, and his resignation as pastor after 27 years, plunged me into a challenge that seemed utterly impossible. I found myself in a relentless pursuit to hear the voice of God. [click to continue…]

by Mark Milioni

This is a story of two tragedies. Two fathers, millenia apart, risked their lives and families, all for the fleeting pleasure of dancing with the devil. While everything on the outside looked promising, both men suffered from serious problems deep within. Problems that would cost lives and bring terrible hurt. [click to continue…]

by Rebekah Wright | BBFI Missionary | United Kingdom

At the beginning of 2016, Brian printed a paper titled “Answered Prayers of 2016” full of blank lines. The third thing we wrote on that list was “We’re having a baby!” We learned we were pregnant with our third child January 11, 2016. On January 4, 2017, we laid our sweet three-and-a-half-month-old baby boy, Beckett, down for a nap and he passed away in his sleep. [click to continue…]