Fruitful methodologies


by James G. Smith

In the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, we specialize in cross-cultural church planting. We start with evangelism, then on to discipleship, [click to continue…]

by Kevin Carson
Pastor of Sonrise Baptist Church, Ozark, MO

Do you love your community? Simply put, I do.

My family was honored to appear on the cover of the Christian County Headliner 2014 Community Guide ( Why was it such an honor? Because we love our community and consider it a privilege to live here.

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by David Anderson

Death is an undeniable aspect of life. It is certain, final, and inevitable. We know it when we see it. Or do we? Death is changing. [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

I hadn’t been to Albert Lea for several years but it was family reunion time. I pulled off the interstate and headed to Walmart to pick up some supplies. I was blown away. [click to continue…]

by Keith Bassham

As we were going to press, the national news media was reacting to the suicide death of actor-comedian Robin Williams. [click to continue…]