Missionaries encounter many interesting obstacles as they serve on the mission field. They face the largest task ever — to reach the world. They face the strongest enemy — Satan himself. However, they carry the most important message — the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As they go, we must do our best to send them. [click to continue…]

by Cindy Lyons

In 1957, God led my parents, Bob and Helen Hughes, to Ceby City. They started the Bible Baptist Church with just a handful of people. Daddy dreamed of not only reaching Cebu, but also the rest of the Philippines. [click to continue…]

by Charles Lyons

The sin-sellers want to convince us gambling is gaming. A problem: one definition of game is “an illegal or shady scheme or maneuver, a racket, as in ‘gaming the system’” … or, in the case of gambling, gaming the masses. [click to continue…]

by Kevin Carson

A. Almost everyone has “difficult” people in life — a family member, coworker, neighbor, church member, teacher, student, or friend — with a multitude of peculiarities and/or potentially sinful behaviors. So how do you respond to these “difficult” people? [click to continue…]


by Thomas Ray

Charles Spurgeon described Johann Oncken as “The Apostle Paul of Germany.” Baptist historian Irwin Barnes states, “Oncken was the father not only of the German Baptists, but of the entire modern Baptist movement on the Continent.” [click to continue…]

by Bill Smith | Pastor | Temple Baptist Church | West Bridgewater, MA

A special Boston Baptist College tradition is reading on location (ROL) at biblical sites in Israel, Egypt, Rome, and Turkey. This tradition continued when Boston Baptist College President Dave Melton led our BBC study group of 45 to some of the most influential peaks in Greece. [click to continue…]