by Randy Harp

What is its purpose?
Are there biblical principles guiding the BBFI?
What is it that unifies the BBFI?
What is the structure of the BBFI?
How does one become a part of the BBFI?
Is the BBFI a denomination, a fellowship, or something else?
What are the benefits of being involved with the BBFI?
Has the BBFI changed since its beginnings in the 1950s?
What are the strengths of the BBFI?
What are the weaknesses of the BBFI?
What does the future look like for the BBFI?

These are just a few of the questions I have heard, and I have asked, over the past several years. [click to continue…]

by W. E. Dowell

There was the Baptist Bible Union long before there was a Baptist Bible Fellowship. That Bible Union failed. Now, after all these years, why has the BBFI succeeded, when the old Bible Union failed? [click to continue…]

by Jon Konnerup

The BBFI Mission Office was set up in the early 1950s to assist our Fellowship churches in sending the Gospel around the world. It is not our desire, purpose, or vision to ever take the place of the local, sending church as the mission agency set before us in Acts 13. We are simply here to assist the local church in any way possible. [click to continue…]

by Jon Konnerup

After two years of planning and prayer, God’s people, from all parts of the globe, came together in Seoul, Korea, to celebrate His work at the Global Fellowship Meeting of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.  [click to continue…]

By Jun Lumagbas | Pastor | Bible Baptist Church | Cebu City, Philippines

The Philippines is known for many things. One is the well-loved and much-enjoyed mango, that oblong-shaped vitamin C-packed sweet fruit. The most luscious and most sweet mango can be found on our island, Cebu. (I am biased, for another island north of us makes the same claim.) [click to continue…]

by Jon Konnerup

Reaping the Gospel harvest is always urgent. For every nation a missionary has gone to, every pulpit a pastor has preached from, every individual who has been spoken to, the words “Go ye into all the world …” have always been the motivation. It’s a charge as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.  [click to continue…]