Global Partners – September 2015

by James G. Smith

For many years the Baptist Bible Fellowship International has had an agreement with the United States Department of Defense. The BBFI is an authorized ecclesiastical endorsing agency for Chaplains serving the Armed Forces.  [click to continue…]

by Keith Bassham

Edward McKendree Bounds, or as he is known to most of us, E. M. Bounds, is well known among most Christian readers for his books on prayer. What most people do not know is how he came to serve as a chaplain during the Civil War. [click to continue…]

by Keith Bassham

I had two close brushes with military life. Just after I graduated high school, I was living in Dallas, having been “lured” there by a couple of friends who shortly returned to the land of their nativity leaving me somewhat alone and vulnerable to a recruiter. [click to continue…]

by Keith Bassham

A Greek painter named Appelles in the fourth century B.C. is supposed to have uttered a phrase to a shoemaker who had criticized some of his work. The Latin phrase is “Sutor, ne ultra crepidam,” and translates roughly, “A shoemaker ought not to judge beyond his own soles,” and survives in the English proverb, “Shoemaker, stick to your last.” [click to continue…]

by Eddie Lyons

Solomon’s book, Ecclesiastes, talks about how life works. One of the most important topics covered is the value of living life with friends. [click to continue…]