Women in ministry

by Mark Milioni

Some of my earliest memories of church revolve around junior church and Mrs. Marion Bishop. Mrs. Bishop gave her time week after week to teach me and other children about Jesus. She dedicated her life to this ministry and led countless boys and girls to trust Jesus as their Savior. This woman, and others like her, taught me the Word of God and helped shape and influence my life and ministry. Years later, I returned to my home church as pastor. Mrs. Bishop used these words to encourage those who followed her in children’s ministry, “Teach well, you may be training your future pastor.”

It is important to understand the influence women have in our churches. They serve, teach, and love in ways pastors cannot. They play a very significant role in fulfilling the mission of the church, but this often goes unrecognized and unrewarded. They often serve with no title, pay, or attention.

At BBC we have involved our faculty and trustees in discussions concerning the role of women in the church. We now offer more classes focusing on the role of women in ministry and missions and have recently welcomed our first female trustee, Tammie Tucker.

The more I get to know our students, the more I see how God has gifted them. We have an incredible group of young women who will become great ministry leaders. They will serve their local churches in many capacities and will use what they have learned at BBC to reach their world for Christ. God is already at work in their lives and will do great things in their lives as they seek and love Him.

Let us all remember to give honor to the women that love and serve so faithfully.