What’s next?

by Eddie Lyons

At our church we talk about how everyone has a next step. New people are invited to our Starting Point Class where we discuss what it means to accept Christ. They are then encouraged to take the next step and follow the Lord in baptism. Others are encouraged to take that next step to membership. People are encouraged to take the next step by being involved in one of our discipleship classes. The next step for many is to join a volunteer team or get into a small group.

Churches need a next step. Jesus laid out the next steps in Acts 1:8. He said the Holy Spirit would come and they would be witnesses. They would begin in Jerusalem. Then they were to go to Judea, then Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. The churches of the BBFI take a step toward this objective when they come alongside church planters (Judea and Samaria). A church can take the next step to take the Gospel to the end of the earth by supporting a missionary. As God calls out leaders, our colleges help these emerging leaders by providing a place for them to take the next step and be trained and equipped for ministry.

We must constantly be looking for our next step. The entities of our Fellowship serve churches as they take their next steps. By supporting the Mission Office, APEX church planting, our colleges, and the Tribune, churches take the next steps and expand their ministries beyond their local communities.