What does the National Church Planting Office do?

by Jason Todd

That is the question I still get when traveling to churches and state fellowships. First, we do not start churches — churches start churches! The National Church Planting Office (NCPO) was designed to be a resource for our BBFI churches and church plant­ers. The NCPO officially started in January 2005 and here is what we have been doing:

  • Recruiting church planters and then training them through NCPO Church Planting Schools for core competencies
  • Helping build a partnership for those church planters for personal and ministry support
  • Working to position them financially to be able to borrow money for land or buildings, and then securing the necessary financing
  • Consulting with problem resolution
  • Facilitating volunteer construction and ministry groups to help church planters offset costs
  • Coordinating with the BBF Builders to save thousands of dollars in building costs for church plants (and established churches)
  • Under the directive of the president of the BBFI, the NCPO launched the Gateway Project to help churches evangelize among African Americans and Hispanics

But, we can’t do all of that without help, so here are some ways you and your church can be involved:

  • Pray!
  1. that God will continue to call church planters
  2. for the NCPO as we train and partner with church planters and their sending churches
  3. that God will continue to open doors with private lenders in our BBFI churches throughout the country. These lay people are thrilled to invest their money in God’s work and receive a return on it at the same time.
  • Consider supporting the NCPO on a monthly basis.
  • Invite a NCPO representative to your mission conference or state fel­lowship meeting.
  • Think about someone you know who would benefit from attending our Church Planting School.
  • Support our Church Planting School prayerfully and financially.

In 2008, the economy and credit crisis dealt a major blow to what we were trying to accomplish with the Judea/Samaria Project and our loan acquisition program. Today, we need to raise enough monthly support to underwrite our annual budget so we can offer our services to our Fellowship at little or no cost to the new churches. Find out how you can support us at www.bbfincpo.com, or call (417) 536-8826, or look us up on Facebook (facebook.com/bbfincpo).