We are family

by Mark Milioni

Christmas was special for our family — we got to be together. It has been a while because of the many changes in our lives this past year. Our once full nest is nearly empty and has been moved to a new tree. Our children are spread out across the world. Emily works in Springfield and Mariah is finishing her senior year in Ohio. Our sons serve in the military. Daniel is stationed in North Carolina and Brooks is in Afghanistan. Our daughter-in-law, Danielle, and granddaughter, Sophie, live in Germany. As our family gift this year, we brought every­one home for a visit and we were together for Christmas! Brooks was even able to join us via Skype. It was great to be together, to remember the past, talk, laugh, and encourage each other.

When you think about it, our alumni is a lot like a family. When you attended BBC, you made lifelong friends. Friends you went through good times, bad times, lonely times, and homesick times with. Friends you studied, celebrated, and cried with. These friends became like family, our alumni family.

Right now, our family needs your help. Our Alumni Association is in the process of reorganizing and revitalizing. We invite anyone who has been a student at BBC, not just those who have graduated, to be a part of our Alumni Association. We ask for your patience as we go through this reorganization. We are trying to set everything up in a secure manner. We also ask that you make sure that we have your cor­rect information. Situations change in the lives of everyone. Please let us know what is going on in your life so that we can remain current.

We have a new website set up for our alumni. Please check out www.bbcalumni.org to learn how you can be more involved — from giving to adopting a student. There is a new job placement tab on the website where you can view staff openings in churches or post a staff opening in your own ministry.

We alumni are family. We love each other, laugh at each other, support each other, criticize each other, and even fight with each oth­er — just like a real family. As the oldest son of three boys I was the leader, the helper, and the protector of my brothers. We could fight amongst ourselves but no one could get away with picking on them. Let’s be that kind of family!

BBC is a special place to us as alumni. It is home to our family. We may criticize it and get discouraged, but we all have a deep love for BBC. It is home, a place to get together, to remember the past, talk, laugh, and encourage each other. We invite you to come home for Alumni Week. Alumni Week takes place on campus, Feb. 25-March 1.

As a gift to our friends, please go to www.gobbc.edu for messages on prayer you can download.

Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.