Vision and the BBFI

by Eddie Lyons

In a 2010 TED talk, Melinda Gates commented that no matter where she travels, she finds Coca-Cola. She went on to discuss a few practices that have made Coke so successful.

The Baptist Bible Fellowship, like Coca-Cola, is in the distribution business. Our mission is to deliver the Gospel around the world and our vision is to assist the efforts of local churches. So, let’s look at three ways we can learn from the success of Coca-Cola.

Real-Time Data Coca-Cola gathers real-time local data and uses it to expand their market. Our Fellowship provides a relationship platform for information sharing. Through the Tribune, Mission Office, Church Planting Office, and colleges, we facilitate real conversations between people who are passionate about spreading the Gospel. We hear about laborers and needs around the globe. This data sharing is how God directs surrendered individuals to a place of ministry. After that, supporters in the network contribute to help spread the Gospel.

Local Entrepreneurial Talent Coca-Cola relies on local entrepreneurs. Our Fellowship celebrates the local church. Pastors must understand their local culture to deliver the Gospel within that context. We should fight the tendency to demand conformity to a style or program, and remain united on a foundation of sound doctrine and a heart to spread the Gospel.

Incredible Marketing Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns reach out to the bigger themes of life. In the Fellowship, we can remind one another of the eternal importance of our efforts. We can come together to be inspired by preaching, touched by stories, and challenged to renew our hearts for the spread of the Gospel.