Training Missionaries

by Jon Konnerup

“We can’t imagine going to the mission field without thorough Biblical preparation and practical experience that the BBFI provides.” – BBFI missionary

Studies show while many missionaries plan to go to the mission field long term, they only last about two to five years. One Baptist organization reports their missionaries stay on the field for an average of eight years — including their time spent learning the language and culture, and involvement in ministry. Proper and thorough preparation for missionary service, including quality, pre-field, missionary training can help missionaries stay longer on the field and bear more fruit.

I believe the biblical and ministry training BBFI missionaries receive is a key factor in their average length of service — 25 years. A proven, well-rounded approach to training and preparation is a requirement. Not only is the focus on biblical training, but we also require an internship either in a BBFI-affiliated church in the U.S. or on the field with a BBFI missionary through the TEAM program. The Mission Office provides further hands-on instruction during our annual Candidate School. These essential steps in equipping our missionaries with practical knowledge, skills, and character along with ministry training for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting helps them successfully serve.

With as much preparation as possible, our missionaries go with the confidence to follow God’s call upon their lives. Look for more information in the future as the Mission Office enhances new missionary training and expands the resources for those currently on the field. Please pray with us that these efforts will help our missionaries stay longer and bear much fruit.