The other way NCPO helps churches

by Wayne Guinn

The NCPO does a variety of work in the BBFI, among them, working with existing churches, helping them to rethink their finances, and find solutions to get them on their feet again. This was one such opportunity as told by Pastor Dale Lewis.

When I think of the National Church Planting Office, I think of Barnabas, the “son of consolation” (Acts 4:36). It is no secret that our entire country has been suffering from great economic problems, and the state of Michigan is no exception, especially in our area.

North Flushing Baptist Church is an established church that has seen some very prosperous times during which God has blessed us. During the last prosperous time period we entered a major building project, building on our new 32.5-acre property in Flushing Township, a fairly affluent township in our county. Needless to say, the bottom fell out of our economy about four or five years ago bringing some fairly serious financial difficulties to our church.

We were aware of the NCPO and Wayne Guinn, but were unaware that a great part of their ministry is to help established churches like ours. Recently Dr. Guinn, representing the NCPO, came alongside us and began the process of helping us through reorganizing our financial philosophy, revamping our strategy, and helping us on our way to eventually reorganizing our financial situation. I cannot tell you how much it helped me personally, our leadership, our congregation, and therefore our church.

I highly endorse and recommend the NCPO for established churches like ours.

Dale Lewis, Senior Pastor of North Flushing Baptist Church

Oldest NCPO church planter with the Lord

Pastor John Franzel of Guiding Light Baptist Church in Saginaw, MI, went home to be with the Lord July 1, 2011. John was 77 years old when he and his wife felt the call of God to plant a new church in Saginaw, MI. Age didn’t hinder the Franzels in this new venture. He said once, “After all, God called Moses at the age of 80 to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.” The church was started in their home and grew. They began a search for a larger facility and with the help of their sending church, Capitol City Baptist Church of Holt, MI, and the NCPO, they purchased a facility in southwest Saginaw. God has blessed in many ways with souls saved, baptized, and joining the church, families reunited, and couples married through this young independent Baptist church plant.

John Franzel’s homegoing was sudden and unexpected even at the age of 81. He was full of life and vitality and the work he started goes on today. Pastor Daryl Franzel and Rev. Bryan Ogle of Capitol City Baptist Church are continuing the ministry in Saginaw until the church calls a new pastor.