Ready or not, here they come!

by Mark Milioni

The summer has been busy from the last “Amen” of Fellowship Week to the first “Hello” of move-in day. The Singing Patriots, Breakaway, and two rec teams have travelled many miles sharing the gospel. Our maintenance team has put new Tempur-Pedic mattresses on all our beds. Everyone has worked hard this summer!

Our new calendar is ready. We want to share it with you and invite you to join us for these events.

August 18 Move-in Day: all students 

August 20 Classes begins 

August 26-28 Spiritual Emphasis Days
It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of new classes, new jobs, and new friends. We will use this time to challenge our students to keep the fire they come with and to live for God while preparing to serve Him.

October 3-4 Primed
Primed is a conference designed to challenge young men to become the men God wants them to be. Bring a group from your church!

October 27-31 Alumni Days and modular classes
Alumni return to campus to challenge the next generation of ministry leaders.

November 5-7 College Days 
College Days is an event designed for high school students to come and experience college life and to learn what BBC has to offer them.

November 26-28 Thanksgiving Break

December 8-11 Finals Week

January 14 2015 Spring Semester classes begin

January 12-16 Modular classes 
Never finished your degree at BBC? These intense, one-week on-campus classes can help you complete what you started.

February 27-28 Bloom
This popular conference is attended by hundreds of young women each year from all over the United States. Young women are challenged to live godly lives and to become the women God wants them to be.

March 9-13 Spring Break

March 25-27 College Days Phase I

April 1-3 College Days Phase II 

April 7-8 Global Awareness Week
Global Awareness Week showcases how God is working globally among our alumni and friends.

April 28-May 1 Finals Week

May 4-7 65th Annual Fellowship Week 
Fellowship Week will be very special this year as we reflect on the tremendous legacy and history God has allowed us to experience. Plan now to attend!

The 2014-2015 school year will be busy and exciting as we endeavor to train this new generation of students. We know that without our faithful family and friends we would not be able to continue on. Thank you for blessing our past. Now, together, let us build a great future.

Ready or not, here we come!