Opportunities in our future

by Jon Konnerup

M any churches and individuals have already responded to the need in Haiti after the earthquake devastated the capital city and other parts of the country, and others are still asking how they can help. The BBFI has two missionaries on the ground (Wes Land and Tom Franklin) and one in the U.S. (Susan Perkins) who are actively involved in relief efforts for thousands of Haitians. These efforts began immediately, and continue as I write this column.

Due to the overwhelming need in Haiti and the amazing desire of people in our Fellowship churches, we have set up a plan with our missionaries to be most effective in our assistance. Right now, we are in the Relief Phase providing initial assistance of daily needs to help people get back on their feet with their families. This will continue for at least one more month. At the same time, we have begun the Assessment Phase, looking at the best way to prepare for the third phase — the Rebuilding Phase. This phase will be more long term in its approach, and it will provide a way for churches to offer hands-on assistance in the months and years to come. You will receive more details in the Tribune and on our website, www.bbfimissions.com.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, excitement is building for our first global meeting in a foreign country in February 2011. This meeting will be hosted by Bible Baptist Church, Cebu City, Philippines. This church was founded by missionary Bob Hughes and is now under the leadership of Armie Jesalva.

For 60 years the preachers and churches of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International have followed God’s leading to reach our entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want you to join the many pastors, missionaries, and church leaders from every continent on earth to celebrate what our Lord has done through the efforts of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.

We also look to the future with the intent of partnering with other nations to reach out to all the peoples of the world with the gospel. Other nations are now sending their own missionaries around the world — many times in very difficult and somewhat closed places. Together, we must all renew our obedience to the Great Commission in these days of unprecedented opportunities worldwide.

Everyone who attends will see the big picture of God’s work around the world through the BBFI. How exciting it will be to see and meet pastors and missionaries from all over the world who can trace their faith back to the work of our churches and missionaries!

If you need help with your travel plans, feel free to contact the BBFI Mission Office. We can help by making travel packages avail¬able for groups.

Let’s make sure our pastors and missionaries all have the oppor¬tunity to attend this historical event! See you in Cebu in 2011!