Notes from the Streets

The notes on our Sunday Connection Cards are life snapshots of the people who worship at Armitage Baptist. The following appear as written.

Pls pray for my nephew recovery from gunshot to the head, on a ventilator. He needs a miracle from God for complete healing. Pls pray for his parents esp my brother who is not coping.

Pray for his parent’s salvation, my brother-inlaw – his su ering from Prostate cancer.

Pray for my friend. He is currently in jail. I hope that he may come home soon and pray that while he’s in there, that he keeps his heart open to receive your word. Also I have done some bad things and I am so sorry! I hope that I am forgiven in my wrong doings while I have been lost.

My friend was working @ her church at 5pm last nite and a young man attacked her and beat her up broke her jaw & teeth & more – massive bruise threw her over a parked car & kept beating her then ran away because people heard her screams and came to her aide.

Due to a big rent increase (we had to start paying it on August 2017), my husband, son and I may have to move from our apartment, and we don’t even have money for a housing or for a rent deposit. I will be grateful if you pray for us, that God will provide; and for our health because the 3 of us have disabilities.

I prayed with Mike from bible study on how to be saved. I just need a lot of prayers for patience with the understanding of god.

With this tithe offering, please let my ACT score be a 16 and above, please let the score machine give me extra points somehow, some way. Let me/show me the college that you want me to go to somehow let my 4 years of college be paid for someway please.

Armitage Baptist prayed for my imprisoned nephew through his sentence. My grow group prayed with me and on Friday we received the good news that his parole was terminated and he is a free man. The BEST news: my nephew is walking in the spirit and expressed his gratitude for our prayers for his life. He is free in more ways than one! Thank you for praying. To God be the Glory.

I am in need of housing again. I have been very discouraged and feeling inadequate trying to balance life, motherhood, work and not feeling good enough. I need help. Financial help, housing, food, and I feel alone. Please pray that God would restore my hope in him. I need hope, encouragement, and I know I need to pray more. My spiritual walk needs reviving. May this season in rememberance of Christ help me. I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Just trying to survive.

(13 year old girl . . .) Please pray for my friend _______________. Her and I haven’t been the best of friends she thinks things that are wrong are right and she goes both ways in other words she’s bi, and she’s in danger. She need to change her ways and I’ll pray that she gets brought to the light. Pray for her please and Thank you.

Ms ____________ that God would glorify Himself by healing her infant. The family worships in a polytheistic religion called Gitti (they worship cow). Salvation for family, Healing for child I will like for someone to pray for me and my family & everything Like us having family events without someone getting hurt, and also prayer to continue to keep me and my family safe and away from harm. Thank you!!

Please pray for my brothers. One has blood clots in his pancreas. Doctors give no hope. They are addicted to heroin.

Please pray for our family a member was murdered and truly is going through this great loss. He was a 65 yr old grandpa murdered so that they could steal his old flip phone. So crazy! Thank you!

(12 year-old girl . . .) I want you to pray for my cuz ______________ because he die and I want for pray that he is in heaven and he having a good time being a angle and I hope he is alright.

Please pray for my daughter. She is incarcerated and the state wants her to plea to 10 years. She is a mother of a 4 year old boy.

Please pray for my daughters cousin which was shot twice in the head last Friday morning at 2am. Today is her funeral services and tomorrow she will be put to rest (burial) She was only 20 yrs old. God please take her soul & let her rest in peace. Thank you.

Also pray for my uncle they are amputating his other leg leaving him with no legs. Heal him & make him whole spiritually. Thank you.

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been here and some things have changed as look around in the sanctuary the one thing that haven’t changed is the way Armitage worships the Lord, ministers to its neighborhood, and love Jesus and one another.

Real people. Real needs. Real Savior. Real good news. Real hope.