Noel Smith said, “Tell me what you have done”

by Jim Edge

Fresh out of Baptist Bible College in 1973, full of zeal and idealism and determined to plant an independent Baptist church in the Boston area, Carol and I were packing to leave Springfield for Boston. Noel Smith, of the Baptist Bible Tribune, had heard I was going to Boston and asked me to stop by his office before leaving town. His words to me that day were simple: “Young man, I hear that you are going to Boston. You are a brave soul. When you write me, don’t tell me what you are going to do, tell me what you have done. Too many men spend their time dreaming about what they want to do, and never do anything.” And then he abruptly sat down, opened his desk drawer, and wrote me a check.

I think of that conversation as I reflect on what we are doing at Baptist Bible College.

1. There is a great spirit of revival among our students. They are proud of BBC and want to be here.

2. By God’s grace and the sacrifice of many, we averted a financial collapse and enjoy a greatly improved financial position. With a strong May Offering, we can finish this fiscal year in the black.

3. Our re-conceptualization of all curricula is ongoing.

4. We have a large number of students who want to represent BBC on our summer teams, and all of our teams are fully scheduled.

5. Our students, staff, and faculty are more involved in community efforts than ever before.

6. Our communication with all of our constituents is improved.

7. Our Rebranding Team continues to refine our focus to become the BBC tour founders envisioned.

BBC must continue to address cultural issues with accurate and concise biblical information. Our structure must be streamlined and efficient, and our students must be able to confront a disobedient and aggressively anti-Christian culture with grace and truth. If we do not address the issues of our day, we will cease to be the institution God intends and our founders envisioned. Our goal is for BBC to be the place to come for worldwide ministry training in the 21st century.

As we approach the May meeting, we are praying for a groundswell of enthusiasm for BBC and our goals. On Wednesday morning, we will share with you in more detail all God has done, and our vision of tomorrow’s BBC. Your participation in our May Offering will ensure that we are able to stay true to the course we have set.

When Dr. Smith finished his brief admonishment to me, he demonstrated his love for young preachers by sitting down and writing a check. If you haven’t already, would you follow his example and send a special May Offering for the young men and women preparing for a lifetime of ministry at Baptist Bible College?