My World, Our World, God’s World

by David Melton

I ’m fully aware Boston is a small college. Small, comparatively when you are speaking of numeric enrollment. But Jonathan, Gideon, David, and, for heaven’s sake, Jesus himself didn’t do their greatest work with a multitude — Jesus did “cap” his band of disciples at 12!

“Small” cannot and must not mean “small-minded” or even myopic. There is nothing small and everything global about what we do for you, for our students, and for the Lord.

Our scope isn’t small. Our students come from all over the world, literally, and from every kind of story and situation. While all colleges statistically draw heavily from within 500 miles of their campuses, you might be surprised to know we have more Texans in Boston than New Yorkers!

Our education isn’t small. Our students plow through a curriculum that is constantly being revised to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, all while retaining the timeless truths of Scripture. Our faculty members bring their own experiences from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and all over the Americas into our Boston classrooms.

Our experience isn’t small. I love talking to alums about their experiences on study trips during their Boston days as highlights of their lives! Our students don’t just know about the world of the New Testament and church history, they’ve seen it, hiked it, and experienced it!

Our focus isn’t small. Boston is just the springboard to God’s great big world. One of our alumna just returned from a year of service in one of Africa’s most remote and needy destinations. She sent me a note, partly to express her appreciation for the Boston experience that had given her “the courage to travel half way across the world by myself to do what I believe God called me to do.”

Nothing small about that!