Making a Lifelong Difference in Others

I recently attended David Lingo’s funeral. David served for many years as a missions professor at Baptist Bible College. Based upon the crowd and the testimonies shared, he was a huge influence for Christ. This stirred my heart as I realized the profound importance of those that serve here at BBC.

Alumni around the world tell of the impact and motivation they received from their college professore. Every year, BBC has been blessed by loving, helpful, interested and godly men and women that have dedicated their life to helping train a new generation.

It is my privilege to observe the effort, time, love and concern our professors have for their students. These godly men and women set an example with their lives and teach from experience. I love and appreciate them.

BBC is blessed. Not only are our professors committed believers, but so is our staff. The people that serve in offices and maintain facilities are able to share the things of the Lord and encourage our students. Those that shine the floors, fix the pipes and make sure the lights work are at BBC because this is their ministry. I am sure I have neglected to give them the great appreciation they all deserve.

I am blessed – we all are – to have such sacrificial servants that give their life to help educate and train these spiritually hungry and determined students.

Would you take just a moment and reflect on someone that made an impact on your life? If there was a professor, a staff member, or a local pastor that made an impact on your life, would you write a note about it and share it with us through email or Facebook?

I am so thankful for the great professors that poured their words and their very heart into me. I am thankful that this continues today. Please pray for BBC and for God to use this year in a great way.

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