Keep the heat on

by Eddie Lyons

Several years ago our town was hit with what some called the worst ice storm in 100 years. It didn’t take long until most of the city was without electricity, and life seemed to grind to a halt. As temperatures dropped to single digits, it became clear we needed to find a place with heat — something important but often unappreciated.

Much like heat in a building, our Fellowship entities can also be overlooked. Because of this network where no one stands alone, we have the support of others in ministry when times get tough. Within this arena of cooperation we are able to train young leaders in our colleges. We are able to plant churches. Missionaries are vetted and approved. Support can be raised. The mission gets accomplished.

All of this does not happen by accident. We have carefully set up structures to support these efforts. Our colleges train our students. APEX is our church planting arm. Our Mission Office takes care of the vital administration of receiving and sending our missionary support. Our Tribune/Communications Office keeps us networked by reporting the stories and information we need to stay connected.

Supporting our Fellowship entities may not always seem exciting but, like the electricity in our houses, it is vital to accomplishing our mission.

It is budget time for me at church. Designated giving that goes to a great, highly promoted project is truly inspiring. And yet nothing gets accomplished without the vital overhead that keeps the heat on and all the bills paid.

Baptist Bible College and Boston Baptist College need our support. Investing in young leaders requires us taking the long view. I look around at the pastors of some of the great churches in our Fellowship and hear stories of when they were unknown students. Sometimes the stories include statements like, “No one expected God would use him or her like He has.” Please consider supporting future leaders by sending a monthly gift to our colleges.

APEX is our church planting effort. When we support new church plants we are part of the greatest vehicle for evangelism.

When we support the Mission Office it is like investing in a great mutual fund of missions — taking part in the ministries of the hundreds of missionaries the office services. Our missionaries receive every dollar designated to them. There are no administrative charges assessed. This has been possible for our 65-year history because churches supported the office. They need our support.

Our Tribune/Communications Office is vital to keeping us together. The vision of our recently installed editor includes some new avenues for keeping our Fellowship connected. Your support in these efforts will strengthen the Tribune and our Fellowship greatly.

As you prepare your budget for the coming year, don’t forget the big difference your support can make. Help us “keep the heat on.”