Go around the world in 2017

by Jon Konnerup

When it comes to New Year celebrations, though traditions vary around the world, they are meant to bring happiness, prosperity, and good luck in the coming 12 months. In Belgium, children write letters to their parents or grandparents. In Spain, many celebrate by eating 12 grapes at midnight, one at every toll of the clock for good luck in the new year. In Wales, they open and shut the back door of the house just before midnight symbolizing the release of the old year and locking out bad luck. Then they open it again at midnight to welcome in the new year. Eating a special meal or dessert is also a common practice in many places. Most will bring the new year in with fireworks.

However, we all seem to have one thing in common as we celebrate the new year — we consider the past year and hope for a better year to come — oftentimes making resolutions to make the new year better or more fruitful.

I encourage all of us to make it a priority this next year to pray — especially for world missions. Pray:

  • For our missionaries on a consistent basis
  • For more missionaries around the world
  • That every church would become a sending church
  • That more would give to missions
  • For unreached, unengaged people groups
  • For the people our missionaries are trying to reach
  • For more salvations, baptisms, and churches started
  • For more national leaders trained

This new year, as a Fellowship, let’s share in the work of our missionaries as we faithfully and consistently pray for them.