Getting more on the front line

by Dan Lamb

The lineup was impressive as we watched newly approved church planters stand before the national meeting in Austin (Round Rock), TX, in February — and we knew these men and their wives have made it to the front line in God’s service. Church planters Bill Fluker, Chris Highfill, Kirk Kirkland, and new BBFI Builders Mike and Anita Barton and their two children, Calvin and Alayah, are leaving their way of life to follow the Lord’s will to build churches, winning and discipling the lost. They are on the front lines, obeying God’s call. We also heard from Victor Baxter as he shared the victory of his new first church building being completed in Eastman, GA (see the news release on page 25 in this issue of the Tribune). We praise God for the work He is doing in and through these families!

How did they get to this front line? Of course, there are many pieces to the puzzle, but the work of the National Church Planting Office was a big part of assisting and equipping these couples and their respective ministries to help get them to the front line. The work of the NCPO is behind the scenes so others can get on the scene where God wants them.

Getting church planters to their places of service is what we do. We help put some of the pieces of the puzzle together for these church planters, allowing God to fit them together at the right time and place. Whether we are recruiting, training at our candidate school, coaching, or even renovating or constructing a church building with the BBF Builders, the path these church planters and builders follow runs through the NCPO office. It is such a great picture of the partnership that makes the Baptist Bible Fellowship what it is.

As church planters need help to get on the front line, so the NCPO office needs your help in keeping us behind the scenes lifting them up. The office right now needs your help. Twenty new churches and their support would make such a big difference and allow the office to function in this important behind-the-scenes role so much easier. We have cut our overhead to the bare minimum, and the Tribune office is sharing some of their space with us to help cut expenses. The need for the kind of work the NCPO does has never been greater, and value of the recruiting, training, coaching, and building we provide has been proven again and again in churches planted and rescued these past ten years. So we ask for your help so we can be the help God wants us to be at the National Church Planting Office.

To contact the NCPO you may reach us by phone at (417) 536-8826, email, or mail to: 334 E Kearney St. #184 Springfield, MO 65803.