Fall Church Planter’s Candidate School

by Wayne Guinn

The next NCPO candidate school will be hosted at Bible Baptist Church of Wilmington, OH, October 7-11, 2013. Host pastor Kelly McInerney has included some unique material in this school. There is a second track for state chairmen and representatives October 8-9. During that series of sessions, Ohio pastors will explain their state church-planting movement, including recruiting and training church planters, as well as resourcing and accountability. On Wednesday, October 9, chairmen and state reps will tour three of Ohio’s newest church plants, and hear testimonies from six of the church planters. The meeting is designed to spark ideas and encouragement for church planting movements in other states. For more information, contact Pastor Kelly McInerney at (937) 383-1122, or pastor@bbcwilmington.org.


  • Kelly McInerney—Pre-Launch & Launch
  • Rick Carter—Building a Stewardship Mindset
  • Rick Carter—Funding Your Capital Needs
  • Duke Hergatt—Who’s the Man
  • Duke Hergatt—Comfortable in My Own Skin
  • Duke Hergatt—Tripod of Reason
  • Duke Hergatt—Discipleship
  • John Arnold—Prayer Habits that Last a Lifetime
  • John Arnold—Four Steps to Intimacy with God
  • John Arnold—How Prayer can Strengthen the 7 Vital Areas of Ministry
  • Linzy Slayden—Building a Ministry Team for Success
  • Josh Bevan—Prayer & Faith in Church Planting
  • Josh Bevan—Building a Core Group
  • Ryan Bevan—Communicating Vision
  • Dan Lamb—Integrity in Leadership
  • To Be Announced—Personal Support & Pre-Launch Costs
  • To Be Announced—Budget and Stewardship
  • Jason Todd—Pastor’s Family Life
  • Jason Todd—Financial Integrity & Church Resources
  • Keith Bassham—Leadership Traits of a Successful Pastor
  • Keith Bassham—History and Philosophy of the BBFI

BBFI President Linzy Slayden has announced that due to changes in banking regulations enacted the past several years, the lending bank working with NCPO has asked for certain changes in the financing section of NCPO’s structure. Details will be worked out when the BBFI Directors meet in Ventura, CA, for the Fall Fellowship Meeting.