Crosspointe Church Relocation Grand Opening

Anaheim, CA

October 15, 2017 marked the grand opening of the relocated CrossPointe Church, formerly of Yorba Linda, CA, now of Anaheim, CA. CrossPointe pastor, Brian Moore, reports that over 1,400 were in attendance for the grand opening. The church spent the previous seven months preparing for the relocation including one month where they were forced to meet in the parking lot of the new facility due to selling the previous property and the new property not being ready. The church took advantage of the time by training over 300 new volunteers along with their existing volunteers on ministry in the new buildings. The three weeks prior to the grand opening served as a “soft launch” which saw an immediate attendance boost.

CrossPointe Church had been meeting at the same location, since the church started in 1971. For the past two years growth in the 300 seat auditorium and 139 parking spot facility had stopped. Moore claims that the “shoe was telling the foot how big it could get.” The 2.7 mile relocation now includes a 50,000 square feet complex with seating up to 1,100 and parking for close to 600. Moore says the new building was “designed for kids” with a children’s area featuring a Noah’s Ark theme and two 20-feet corkscrew slides. The new facility also features an area known as “The Hope Center” to house Celebrate Recovery, Reengage Marriage, and the student ministry.

After serving as youth pastor with Linzy Slayden and Friendship Baptist Church and campus pastor for Baptist Bible College, Moore has served as senior pastor of CrossPointe Church since 2007. Upon his arrival the church was averaging 70 people, 40 of which were senior citizens. The church has seen marked growth over the years averaging 900 this past year. The church has been looking to relocate for the previous six years, attempting to purchase 13 different buildings. Moore says, “The 14th was by far their best option.”