Coming to Us

It is estimated that nearly 50 million migrants currently reside in the USA. This diasporic population shift has prompted the government to be creative in addressing the various challenges that arise as these people transition to life in the United States. God has set before us an unprecedented mission opportunity to which we can ask, “What can we as Christians do to effectively reach these communities with the Gospel?”

God’s redemptive plan is for EVERY nation. He is now bringing the mission field to us. We need to respond by seizing the opportunity to prayerfully consider ways to reach these people living outside their native land. For years, our primary focus has been sending missionaries to reach the lost on the foreign field, yet we cannot neglect to also extend our scope to those in our own country. There is no difference between reaching out to the Vietnamese in Dallas, the Ethiopian in Washington D.C, or the Honduran in San Diego.

Hundreds of people groups in the world have no Gospel witness and many are scattered throughout our nation. In order to reach them, we must:

  • See the need,
  • Ask God to give us a desire to minister to them,
  • Develop a plan,
  • Equip our people,
  • Go out and meet them,
  • Learn about them,
  • And bring them to Jesus.

With the right attitude and an effective plan, God can use us to spread His Gospel among the people groups who find themselves far away from their familiar cultural influences. Imagine the possibilities of God calling those reached on US soils to take the Good News back to their home country. What an amazing opportunity churches have in reaching both an accessible mission field right here and sending a potential mission force into unreached places of our world. God is bringing them to us – is your church considering them?

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