Baptist History

William Carey

In February 2007, I visited the village of Moulton in the English Midlands, about an hour north of London. There is no great cathedral there, nor was it the site of a famous battle. It […]

Urban Current

Being Biblical

Recently I was in a small Illinois town at dinner time.  Noticing a Mexican restaurant, I thought I’d take a chance even though it was in the middle of nowhere.  After a great meal, I […]


I Attended the Virginia BBF Pastor’s Meeting

I got excited about soul winning and church planting at the Virginia Baptist Bible Fellowship pastor’s meeting at Battlefield Baptist Church in Warrenton, VA, Friday, September 8. That meeting reminded me of the early BBF […]

On the Table

Family Matters

Are you buys? Most people are. The weeks leading up to our print deadline always get pretty intense. We are still learning our new “normal” as we manage the entire Communication Office with two men. We […]