A Taste of the Mission Life

I believe a heart for missions is at the center of what is taking place at BBC. There is a great spirit of excitement, unity, compassion, revival and outreach in the hearts of our students.

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey a ected the homes, families, and churches of our students, so we sent 80 people to help. They worked at a camp, in churches, homes and neighborhoods. They witnessed what devastation was and ministered to distressed and worn-out people.

Our students gave their best as they worked hard, encouraged each other, and loved people in the name of Jesus. They shared the Gospel and saw people saved!

This trip changed lives. It led to a desire to serve our Spring eld community. One hundred students partnered with local churches and spent a day ministering to our city as they painted, did yard work, cleaned houses, served food, and shared Jesus.

This effort further amed the spark of evangelism. An RA took her oor to IHOP. They noticed their waitress seemed distressed and were able to talk with her and lead her to the Lord!

Another group of students travelled to Manila, Philippines. They left with a passion for the Philippine people and for international missions.

We do mission trips because it changes the lives of those who serve and those who are served. This is why we have trips to China and the Philippines planned for spring, as well as a study trip to Israel. By the end of this school year, at least 135 of our students will have participated in a mission trip. I know many have made the decision to serve as a career missionary as a result of a mission trip. I am very excited to see what God will accomplish in their lives through these special BBC trips.

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