A Great Experience

Over twenty years ago the Lord put in my heart a desire to bring a BBFI national meeting back to Oklahoma. Our theme was “Generations” based on Psalm 145:4 “One generation shall praise thy works to another and declare thy mighty acts”. The BBFI has always been a multi-generational Fellowship. It was when I attended BBC from 1979-1983 and it still is today. When we resist being critical, I think it’s one of our strengths. I see a diversity that reaches all parts of our society with the Gospel. We are a big-tent fellowship. As our Communication Director wrote there is a lot of grey in our Fellowship, but there are also a lot of younger people who God is using to build amazing churches for the glory of God … and they love the BBFI. It really was great to see multiple generations coming together for this meeting.

And that was my goal, to bring the BBFI together, even if it was only for a few days, to laugh together, cry together, pray together, be challenged together, be refreshed together and once again see the importance of working together in the greatest work in the world!

In planning the meeting, we discovered 201 opportunities for our church family to serve. Some wore two or more hats and we had many serve in some way. I am very proud of the Friendship family for their wonderful attitude, hard work, and great spirit. We wanted to be a blessing to everyone who came and we received the blessing!

We had between 850-900 every night which includes 125-160in the children’s service. We wanted to offer childcare and meet that need. Stephanie Loderhose and “Cool Kids” Steve Harney and the team of children’s workers conducted the children’s services and they did great!

I want to compliment our preachers and our breakout speakers for their timely messages. The musicians and lighting techs did a great job!

Our ladies went above and beyond in hospitality and decorations! I was excited to see so many of the ladies of the Fellowship coming to enjoy the meeting and spend a morning together and hear Anita Renfroe. Our ladies carry ministry pressure too, and Carla and I wanted to encourage them in a special way.

Ministry can be stressful, so I stepped out of the box to invite some folks who would help us laugh together. Matt Fore was
so much fun and the Skit Guys were great. But the focus was on preaching and missions. I wanted our people to meet as many preachers and missionaries as possible and see the process for approving missionaries. It will give Friendship Baptist Church a greater vision for world evangelism. Our church was thrilled to see new missionary families approved and to have a part in encouraging them financially.

Lastly, I want to thank all the pastors and missionaries for carving out some time to make the trip to Owasso, OK. We wanted all of you to be refreshed, encouraged, and charged to go back to the greatest work in the world! Your presence and participation has made the Friendship Baptist Church family stronger because of this experience.