15 places in need of missionaries

by Jon Konnerup

Upon receiving the theme for this Tribune issue, several lists of 15 mission-related things for 2015 ran through my mind — 15 ways to pray for missionaries … 15 ways to thank a missionary … 15 mission projects to give to … 15 new sending churches … 15 new couples approved in May … 15 new couples approved in September.

There is no question that spiritual darkness pervades our world. You can see it in the lives of Africans living in bondage to their fetishes and charms, Asians deceived by their religious beliefs, and Latin Americans wrapped in their religious rituals.

In the Middle East and North Africa, you can observe the vast sea of darkness as you hear the Muslim call to worship from thousands of mosques. The same oppression is also seen as the people in India religiously serve and try to please the idols representing millions of lifeless deities. One can also see the tremendous need in the post-Christian Europe steeped in Atheism. Spiritual darkness literally infiltrates all nations and people throughout the world.

Therefore, my mind began to think of places around the world in desperate need of the Gospel. I realize the need for the Gospel is everywhere, but I’d like to list 15 places in particular with a need for missionaries. The Holy Spirit is the One who calls individuals into the ministry and the local church sends them. We at the Mission Office of the BBFI are here to inform people of the global needs. Who knows, perhaps someone from your church might answer the call of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to reach out to these people.

  1. Bhutan
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Denmark
  4. Ghana
  5. Iceland
  6. Macedonia
  7. Poland
  8. Egypt
  9. Vietnam
  10. Namibia
  11. Surinam
  12. West Indies
  13. Jordan
  14. Myanmar
  15. Uzbekistan

Currently, there are no active BBFI missionaries in these countries. At one time, some of these nations may have had a family minister there, but not at present. It would be tremendous to have 15 new missionaries surrender to take the truth of Jesus Christ to these 15 nations. Would you pray with me that in 2015 we would see this happen?